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OS//OS Conference 2016

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Learn how technology and open ways of working can transform your life, your work, your organisation and our society

Thank you for joining over 400 innovators from across business, technology, government and community sectors.

Learn from leaders who are pioneering a more open world.

Audrey Tang — g0v (Taiwan)

Audrey Tang, a civic hacker who actively contributes to Taiwan’s g0v (“gov-zero”), a vibrant community focusing on creating tools for the civil society, with the call to “fork the government”.

Doug Rushkoff (USA)

Named one of the top ten "Most Influential Thinkers in the World" by MIT, Douglas Rushkoff is the author of Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity. He is a technology commentator for CNN, and a prominent advocate for open source solutions to social problems.

Marianne Elliott — Action Station (NZ)

Marianne Elliott is National Director for ActionStation - a movement to reignite participation in our democracy and restore 'people power' by building a community of active citizens, and facilitating collective social action for progressive change.

Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC (NZ)

Sir Geoffery is a distinguished public servant and lawyer who has held several prominent political positions - including Minister of Justice, Environment, Deputy Prime Minister and prime Minister. He joined us to open a conversation about how a constitution can help democracy in New Zealand.

Liz MacPherson — StatsNZ (NZ)

Liz was appointed to the role of Government Statistician and Chief Executive of Statistics NZ in August 2013. Liz is passionate about evidence-driven decision-making and sees her role is to ensure New Zealand decision-makers at all levels have access to quality information.

Keitha Booth (NZ)

Keitha Booth is continuing to actively lead, advise and commentate on the New Zealand information scene. From 2008 to December 2015, Keitha led the NZ Open Government Information and Data Programme. She played a key role in developing government's current information policies, all of which promote open licensing as a fundamental principle.

Eric Hysen — US Department of Homeland Security (USA)

Eric Hysen is the Executive Director of the Department of Homeland Security Digital Service. The DHS Digital Service is bringing top software engineering, product management, and design talent from the private sector to partner with innovators inside government and transform DHS’s most critical services.

Evan Henshaw-Plath (USA)

From 2004-06 Evan Henshaw-Plath was the first employee, lead developer and architect in building Odeo’s Ruby on Rails web application platform. Odeo is best known as the company which created Twitter so Evan is well-placed to tell the story of how – through learning from failures, pivoting to open innovation and experimentation – Twitter came to be.

Hon Bill English (NZ)

Hon Bill English is the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance (roles he has held since 2008) and the Minister Responsible for Housing New Zealand Corporation.

Pia Waugh (AUS)

Pia Waugh is an open government and open data ninja, working within the machine to enable greater transparency, democratic engagement, citizen-centric design and real, pragmatic actual innovation in the public sector and beyond.

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The future of an open economy

Open by default business

Co-Designing for a better future

Democracy in the workplace

Best practice transparency

Open government processes

Business models for open source technology

Open licensing and trademarks

Community engagement and management

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